Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dr. Warren Zanes says:

"Upon reading I Am the Eggman, I found myself convinced that J Milligan has earned his spot among that small pack of writers successful in their efforts to convey the twisted state of affairs that is our young century.  The strangeness that Milligan lays before us is not, however, an arbitrary splattering of paint--there is a remarkable control behind this mad, pre-apocalyptic narrative and a gift for language that punches exactly when it needs to.  If at times I was reminded of Sam Lipsyte's bleak but exacting humor, at others I felt the romance that gets me in Murakami's best work.  But, without question, Milligan's voice is all his own . . . and it deserves the widest possible audience, among which I will sit any time."

Dr. Warren Zanes
The Rock and Roll Forever Foundation